Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hi Fans! I know we haven't posted in a while, we just finished our first ever Shoot Out. We started to post the interviews on here. We decided to have you check out the Facebook page for the rest! We had 13 amazing photographers, 15+ stunning models, and 6 very talented hair and makeup artists. It was such a pleasure to meet all of them. Many of our models were non-maternity as we wanted to show you our gowns look beautiful on either body. We had them shoot 22 new gowns that will be released September 7th. Here is a sneak peek of the fall collection.

Harlow Gown - Blush Pink 
Photographer: Twyla Dawn Photography 
Makeup artist: Amy Niedens
Model: Megan C.
Location: Castle Amphitheater at Utah State Hospital

Anita Gown - Gold
Photographer: Em J Photography
Makeup Artist: Tierras Beauty Bar
Hairstylist: Heidi Dunfield 
Model: Jaden J 
Location: Downtown SLC

Elaine Gown - Burgundy
Scarlet Floral Crown
Photographer: Baby Bare Photography
Makeup Artist: Tierras Beauty Bar
Model: Mandi R
Location: Cedar Valley, UT

Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks!

We will be at the Prego Expo in St. Louis Missouri on September 18th

Friday, July 29, 2016

Exclusive Interviews

Hi Fans! We are starting to post our Exclusive interviews with our attendees of the Northern Utah Shoot out we are hosting in the next few weeks. The First two we are posting about are Belly Beautiful Portraits and Paulina Martinez Photography. ENJOY!

Gown: Courtney 
Karen of Belly Beautiful Portraits knew she wanted to go into photography as a child and into her high school days. Prior to being a full time photographer she was a newborn and maternity nurse. During this time she discovered her love of newborn and maternity photography. Looking at her beautiful pictures you would never guess that behind the scenes is organized chaos. There is only so much planning you can do when babies are involved. She says sometimes you schedule several shoots in a month then all the babies come the same week. While this can be crazy she wouldn’t have it any other way. Karen isn’t inspired by one particular thing, instead she finds inspiration all around. The recent loss of her mother has inspired her to capture mothers with their children, she says “One day those children are going to be looking at those pictures when their mothers aren’t around”. Karen started using Sew Trendy about a year and a half ago, she states it was the best business decision and investment she could have made. She loves all the gowns she gets, each one fits her clients body and style in a unique way. Her personal favorite is our Samantha gown in Blush Pink.

Gown: Erin
Paulina of Paulina Martinez Photography got her start in photography by going to school for it, while she was in college getting her degree she learned how much she really loved it. Her passion for maternity shooting is because she thinks it’s the best moment for a women. Paulina is always trying to come up with new ideas for photos. She even goes so far as to state she is a “Propaholic”. Her studio, located in Ogden Utah has many props as well as 22 maternity gowns. She loves to capture every type of memory possible. The biggest inspiration in her life is her family. Paulina started using Sew Trendy about 3 years ago. Her favorite and actually first gown is our Rachel, it has a beautiful train that makes amazing pictures.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Prego Expo Tamp

If you are planning on attending the Prego Expo in Tampa this weekend, look for Sew Trendy! We will have a booth where you can stop by and purchase gowns or accessories.  Be sure to stop by and say hello, browse our gowns, or just grab a card. 

Crown: Marianne
Photo Courtesy of Kelli Thomsen Photography

Newborn Prop: Angel Wings
Photo Courtesy of Loni Smith Photography

Gown: Celine 
Crown: Lanai
Photo Courtesy of Belly Beautiful Portraits

Where to find us:
Prego Expo, Tampa July 17th
MommyCon, Washington D.C July 23

Friday, July 8, 2016

New Month New Trend

This month our Maternity Tutus are trending. They give you that fairytale look while still giving the option to cover your belly or expose it. 

Tutu Felicity

Tutu: Helena

Tutu: Adele
Photography: Belly Beautiful Portraits  

Tutu: Morgan
Photography: Lighthouse Media LLC

Where to find us:
Prego Expo, Tampa July 17th
MommyCon, Washington D.C July 23

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Fourth!

We released even more little girls gowns this week as a surprise! These darling dresses have matches in adult sizes, perfect for a mommy and me shoot. The best time to order these gowns will be The 4th of July, as we are offering a 10% discount,  check out our Instagram for the code. Have a great holiday weekend!
Gowns: Faythe, Carmen, and Mackenzie 
Mackenzie and Carmen Gowns
Mackenzie Gown
Amelia Gown
Beatrice Gown
Essie Gown
Carmen Gown

Photos Courtesy of Amber Fite Photography

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Release of our new girl gowns!

We are very excited to announce that as of today we have several brand new gowns for the lovely little lady in your life. These adorable gowns look fantastic on their own, but did you know that 8 of our 21 girls gowns have exact matches in adult sizes. The remaining 12 are complimentary, all of the gowns come in 30 colors.

Photo Credit: Frosted Productions

Come see us at The Trunk Show in Anchorage, Alaska the 24th and 25th
Watch for us in Click Magazine: Clickin Scavenger this upcoming month

 We are looking for Models, Photographers and MUAs for our Northern Utah Shoot Out in August the Deadline to send in photos is Friday June 24th.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trending: Underwater Maternity Sessions

We are loving the photos coming back from underwater sessions this summer! Thinking of doing one yourself? Try one of our extra long chiffon gowns - they are perfect for that billowing effect underwater! 

Gown: Rachel in Gold

Photographer: Adam Opris Photography
Gown: Rachel in Fuchsia
Model: Sophie Serafino
Photographer: Adam Opris Photography
Gown: Elia in Royal Blue

Come see us at The Prego Expo in Tampa on July 17th!